It is more and more common for tourists to choose a holiday rental compared to the traditional booking in hotels or resorts in order for them to enjoy their days off during summer. Unfortunately, some dream holidays can turn into a real nightmare: if our apartment does not comply with the offer presented, or if the reservation we offered disappears together with the property, we are clearly facing a fraud case.

Internet and the summer destinations, easy bait?

During the holiday season, the most expensive and demanded destinations tend to be on the coast. Due to the demand, which year after year, we experience in June, July, August and even September, many owners saw the opportunity of renting for holiday purposes their home to tourists, who want to enjoy the beach and hot weather during their stay. The same way as the hotel services do not reflect what we agreed, it can happen with this type of holiday rental.

The owners of the property being rented for holiday purposes must comply with a series of requirements according to the autonomous community where the property is located. In the case of Andalusia (where the holiday rentals regulations have been enforced since May 2016), the property must be located in a residential plot and have a first occupation license. Also, the property must be habitable, and promoted on the right channels (rental agencies, Internet webpages where the reservation can be made, holiday packages with tour operators, etc.).

Have you been the victim of a fraud, what can you do?

Maybe you have reserved your holiday rental apartment either through an agency or directly from the owner. From experience, we recommend you rent the properties for the holiday purposes from professional web portals, with verified offers and a helpful customer service department: if we find any problems before making the reservation or during our stay, we can address this service in order to intervene between us and the owner.  

Is essential that, if we were the victims of a fraud during our holidays, we gather all the possible evidence: photographs or videos of the state of the property, emails from the reservation process or during our stay, and also receipts and invoices generated by the rental service.

If the offer you signed for does not fit the final product, you have the right to recover the funds you paid for in the reservation. Every year we receive inquiries from clients, who after choosing a holiday rental of a property could not enjoy their holidays due to a problem in the reservation, property or with the owner. In Martinez Echevarria Lawyers we have a specialized team in Civil and Criminal Law who can give you legal advice on these matters. You can contact us on our free telephone number  900 100 039, or thorough our online form.