Our Finance and Banking Team is led and coordinated by the prestigious jurist, Augustine Azparren, a high Court Judge in Spain currently on sabbatical with us. The team´s work is consumer driven, and we are currently working on the “clausala suelo” or Interest Floor Clause outrage which has been created by Spanish Banks. Our team assist thousands each year who have been over charged and overpaying their Mortgages..

Among the other services provided by our expert team are:

  • Stopping auctions and foreclosures.
  • Minority shares.
  • Preferred shares.
  • Subordinated debentures of convertible bonds.
  • Swaps or or financial exchanges.
  • Multi Currency Mortgages.
  • Foreclosure.
  • Opposition to evictions.
  • Claims of responsibility for the management of investment funds.
  • Claims against Off Plan Developments