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Fraud in holiday rentals: legal advice


It is more and more common for tourists to choose a holiday rental compared to the traditional booking in hotels or resorts in order for them to enjoy their days off during summer. Unfortunately, some dream holidays can turn into a real nightmare: if our apartment does not comply with the offer presented, or if the reservation we offered disappears together with the property, we are clearly facing a fraud case.

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Claim for lesions in water parks


The traditional amusement parks and those with an aquatic environment should be defined as fun and adrenaline boosting, but also by their safety. Unfortunately, we can always find exceptional and peculiar situations which can affect our integrity: are we benefiting from a surveillance service in the right manner? What happens if I have a problem in the park? This and many other questions are common between the users of the water parks. We will explain them in this post.

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International divorce in Spain: easier and faster than you may think

Maybe you got married in the UK, in Gibraltar, or elsewhere in Europe, and you think that you need to get divorced in the country where you got married. Well, this is not the case. You can get your divorce in Spain and it will be recognised in the rest of Europe without much else to do. How is that so? EU Regulation 2201/2003, commonly known as Regulation Brussels II bis, governs international divorce cases. This Regulation sets out the jurisdictional criteria to determine the competent jurisdiction, as well as the obligation by EU Member States to recognise divorces obtained in other EU jurisdictions.

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Have I got the right to claim a compensation for negligence in cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery, consisting of both plastic and reconstructive surgery, is one of the most requested options by patients who wish to change their physical appearance, due to an accident or simply due to a personal decision. However, in many cases, the cure can be worse than the disease itself: many victims of  medical negligence in cosmetic surgery have found… Continue reading