We can help you to get your home regularlised by the planning department at the Town Hall

Law 2/2012 of January 10 established how existing buildings and settlements on undeveloped land in Andalusia are regulated. It recognises and gives legal cover to those buildings constructed without a license and allows for those for whom the deadline had elapsed to obtain one. The idea was to take steps to address the town planning issues and restore order to the chaotic local plans.

These buildings are defined as “assimilated outside ordination (AFO)” and the law provides for their expressed recognition by the urban planning department acting through a procedure aimed at quick and effective regularization of the house.

If, when you built your property the plot was not included in protected area and you can prove that the building was finished more than six years ago, you could regularise it, declare the construction in the Public Register and obtain the basic services for living such as water and electricity.

We can advise you in this respect, assist in the preparation of the technical and legal report and present the file in the Town Hall.

Normally the taxes charged are 5% of the material execution budget but it depends of each Town Hall.

In these files what has gone before is absolutely vital, the legal situation with the Urban Plan, the plans and structure of the building and to ensure the basic legal conditions  for habitation such as security and sanitation are there. We will need to make an in depth analysis of the file and prepare reports.

If your property is still not recognized by the Urban Planning Department, please contact us urgently and we can help you to make your property into a home.

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