How to avoid a timeshare scam


The timeshare, called in our legislation use of properties in turns, has been for years a method to enjoy properties in different parts of the world for a period of time of a year.
With the timeshare, you buy one or several weeks of holidays yearly in a determined accommodation, agreeing to enjoy a previously selected property or choosing between several properties in different places, depending of what it is stipulated or contracted by the acquirer of this right.

The timeshare offers the possibility of having holidays in the desired place for an amount which is economically permissible to the buyer; however the buyer of the timeshare does not count on several situations derived from contracting the same. These situations can cause problems at long-term. In many occasions, the contractors of timeshare find a product which does not correspond with what they have bought. The frauds in these products are above all carried out at the moment of the purchase and when the purchaser decides to leave the timeshare, that is to say, to sell it.

Use caution buying timeshare

When acquiring a timeshare product, it is necessary to confirm the existence and location of what you would like to acquire. Before the purchase, it is advisable to obtain as much information as possible regarding the existence and situation of the property, the tasks regarding this product, as well as to confirm the expenses which entail the maintenance of the property.

In this way, you will avoid to be victim of fraud, given that on several occasions the product offered and the product finally contracted are different. Then, the timeshare owner can find a property which does not correspond with the property he/she acquired, or he/she can find several maintenance expenses which were not detailed in the contract. Also, he can find that in the timeshare week he contracted, the property is occupied by other owner.

Timeshare laws in Spain

Since 1998, our legislation subjects the timeshare purchase to the Notary office and Land Registry control. The aforementioned will help to avoid the fraud related to the fraudulent purchase of these rights to use properties in turns.

After the acquisition of this right, it is necessary to be cautious with the frauds related to the purchase of the timeshare right. There have been several cases in touristic areas of our country, where several owners have been contacted by false agents or companies who state to have a buyer for his/her timeshare right. Before a possible sale, and with a fraud carried out by the presumed agent, the timesharing owner carries out a provision of funds to face the sale expenses. As the real buyer and the sale do not really exist, the money and the persons who apparently mediate in the false timeshare purchase disappear.

The aforementioned is an easy way of accessing to possible holidays for a small fee, as long as you are cautious with the acquisition and sale of the timeshare avoiding in this way to be victim of one of the frauds related to this product.

Writen by María GUESSOUS, lawyer.

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