End of the lockdown in Portugal – Rules and Plan

We have prepared this general information which is intended to be essentially useful in relation to the government plans and decisions to end the lockdown in Portugal.

On the 11th of March, the Council of Ministers approved the activity open in four phases, maintaining the State of Emergency.

There will be a set of general rules with measures established in order to ensure that the opening is orderly and safe.


  • General Rules
  • Telework, whenever possible;
  • Prohibition of movement between municipalities on 20th and 21st of March and between 26/03 and 05/04;
  • Working Hours:
  • Commercial establishments: 21h weekdays; 13h weekends and public holidays, exception food trade until 19h.


From March 15th:

  • Nurseries, pre-school and primary school (and ATLs – after school centres - for the same ages);
  • Selling drinks is allowed in take away restaurants and alike;
  • Hairdressers, manicures and alike;
  • Bookstores, car trade and real estate agencies;
  • Libraries and archives.


From April 5th:

  • 2nd and 3rd cycles of education (and ATLs for the same ages);
  • Social equipment in the area of ​​disability;
  • Museums, monuments, palaces, art galleries and alike;
  • Stores up to 200m2 with an open door to the street;
  • Fairs and non-food markets (by municipal decision);
  • Terraces (max. 4 pax);
  • Low-risk sports modalities;
  • Outdoor physical activities up to 4 pax and gyms without group classes.


From April 19th:

  • Secondary and Higher Education;
  • Cinemas, theatres and auditoriums;
  • Citizen stores with face-to-face appointments;
  • All stores and shopping centres;
  • Restaurants, cafes and pastry shops (max. 4 pax or 6 on terraces) until 10 pm or 1 pm at weekends and holidays;
  • Medium-risk sports modalities;
  • Free physical activities up to 6 pax and gyms in group classes;
  • Outdoor events with reduced capacity;
  • Weddings and baptisms with a 25% capacity;


From the 3rd of May:

  • Restaurants, cafes and pastry shops (max. 6 pax or 10 on terraces) with no time limit;
  • All sports modalities;
  • Outdoor physical activity and gyms;
  • Large outdoor and indoor events with reduced capacity;
  • Weddings and baptisms with 50% capacity.


To know which are the travel regulations all around the world, check the map at the IATA Travel Centre - https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/world.php


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