Report on the illegality of the Draft of the new Junta de Andalucia Decree on Properties and Tourist Apartments

An important group of companies from the sector of tourist apartments and holiday-let properties in Andalucia, who operate in total more than 1000 units in the community, have requested the Firm a legal report on the Draft of the Decree presented by the Junta de Andalucia on the 2nd June, on the suspicion of the illegality in the content of the norm. The conclusions of the report made on the Decree by José Ayllón are that it can be considered null and void by law. For this reason, the report focuses very strongly on the role of the manager which the new decree regulates. The companies which have requested the report have presented allegations to the Draft and have requested an urgent meeting with the Junta de Andalucia, as they believe that this Project has not been agreed with the majority of the parties of this sector, and in order to avoid taking this matter to Court once the Decree will be enforced.

Both the demolishing conclusions of the Report and also the various actions which are planned, will be communicated to the media, knowing for a fact that this matter will cause a lot of noise and politic controversy.

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