Real Estate and Urban Planning

A team of highly specialised lawyers will advise you on the negotiation, drafting or review of all contracts relating to the different areas in the real estate sector, both on the acquisition or transfer of the property, as well as on its different phases of development.

Our advice covers all types of property, plots (rural and urban), residential (free and subsidised housing), industrial, offices, commercial premises, shopping centres, hotels, residences for students and for the elderly and golf courses.

Development and construction
• Acquisition of plots for development
• Real estate, town planning, tax and environmental due diligence
• Professional service agreements with project management, architects and technical architects
• Construction contracts with supply of materials
• Bank financing of the project. Guarantee line. Ten-year insurance policy and OCT
• Deed of new build under construction, horizontal division, division of plots of land.
• Contracts for marketing homes with real estate agencies
• Compliance with money laundering regulations
• Reservation and sales contracts
• Work completion deed for the Complex and for each individual property
• First Occupation Licence
• Title deeds
• Housing delivery protocol

Purchase and sale of real estate and real estate companies
• Due Diligence
• Off-plan buying and selling
• Study of direct and indirect taxation
• Bank and non-bank project finance, refinancing, restructuring of mortgage-backed debt
• Groupings, segregations and divisions
• Rectification of surface areas in the Land Registry
• Town planning, development and management
• Administrative concessions

• Home rental; holiday rental
• Registration of properties with the Tourism
Board for holiday rental
• Leasing for uses other than housing, commercial premises, offices, shopping centres, industrial buildings, management of residences (for the elderly and for students), hotel management

Communities of Homeowners
• Creation of Communities of Homeowners with the drafting of by-laws and internal regulations, where appropriate
• Change of use from premises to housing
• Timeshares