Maritime Law and Transport

Martínez-Echevarría has established an alliance with the maritime law firm San Simón & Duch. San Simón & Duch is one of the most prestigious firms in Spain and, through this new partnership, the two firms will significantly expand their ability to serve the needs of our clients.
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Our expert team in Maritime Law is qualified to deal with any issue related to the maritime industry, contracts, incidents and accidents at sea, offering complete legal advice thanks to a profound knowledge of all the national and international legal regulations that govern maritime navigation and the relations between the agents that comprise it. This is decisive for receiving good prior advice on reviewing and closing contracts, and for managing claims and resolving conflicts, whether through mediation, arbitration or the legal proceedings in which any matter may arise.

We offer all our experience in:

• Sea, air, land and multi-modal transport

• Contracts for the construction, purchase and repair of ships

• Charter contract. Ship and aircraft financing

• Registration and mortgage of ships

• Preventive seizure of ships and aircrafts

• Maritime accidents

• Rescue

• Shipwrecks and finds. Historical and cultural heritage

• P&I Insurance. Hull and cargo insurance

• Ground insurance. Civil liability

• Workplace and personal accidents

• Cargo claims

• Fishing. Port activities. Recreational boats

• Sanctioning files

• International purchase and sale and documented credits. Imports and exports

• National and international mediation. Recognition and enforcement of foreign awards and judgments. Precautionary measures