Corporate, Commercial Contracting and Corporate Governance

In the area of corporate law, our team has been involved in numerous corporate structuring projects of investments and businesses and in complex reorganisation projects of groups of companies, including processes relating to structural modifications, cross-border mergers, international transfers of registered offices, spin-offs, etc.

Many of the professionals in this practice also act as secretaries of boards of directors in several companies, advising them on all kinds of corporate processes and handling all matters affecting the day-to-day activities of these entities. Our partners are also experts in corporate governance, and advise boards of directors and board members on regulatory compliance, business organisation and good corporate governance.

Together with the professionals in the Corporate Compliance practice, they are involved in the design, implementation and monitoring of comprehensive compliance plans for commercial companies.

In the area of international contracts, our team frequently participates in the preparation and negotiation of complex commercial contracts, in collaboration with other practice areas of the firm, such as competition, industrial and digital property and new technologies, including distribution contracts and other business collaboration agreements, the creation of joint ventures, the provision of all types of services, etc.

Fully integrated with our Procedural, Litigation and Arbitration team, our professionals are involved in the analysis, study and development of defence strategies in numerous commercial and corporate proceedings, such as proceedings arising from breach of shareholders' agreements or articles of association, defence of minority shareholders' rights and other corporate proceedings, as well as in other proceedings based on disputes relating to commercial contracts.