New Technologies & Industrial and Intellectual Property Law

Digital Law. IP. IT. Privacy is comprised of a team specialising in the following practice areas.

Copyright Law

Our lawyers provide clients with all their knowledge and experience, offering comprehensive legal advice, inter alia, on publishing, copyright protection derived from literary works, the drafting of software development contracts, software licences, administrative actions for the closure of websites and judicial protection, anti-piracy, protection of Business Secrets, IP Media & Entertainment, technology transfer & R+D+i, commercial contracts on intangibles, Influencers, advertising, etc.

Image Rights

The new disruptive technologies implemented in the digital world have intensively exposed the image of celebrities, not only the usual ones, but also new ones that have emerged from social networks and TV programmes. Artists, influencers, athletes, architects, journalists, among many others, have turned out to be, in the digital world, a marketing tool or means of promotion for companies, NGOs, their products, their campaigns, etc.

Trademarks and Trade Names

Our lawyers advise and assist our clients in order to grant them due protection of their distinctive signs-trademarks or trade names. Thus, we provide services for trademark applications, oppositions, third party observations and administrative claims/appeals before the SPTO and EUIPO, etc. These services are provided both nationally and internationally, as we count with first-class partners all over the world.

Domain Names

In the field of domain names, a basic channel for being on the Internet, our team provides services, among others, of due diligence of domain names, recovery of the same before the WIPO or the designated national body, etc.

Industrial Designs and Drawings.

Patents. Our team advises clients in order to grant them due protection of their industrial designs and drawings, as well as their inventions and patents. We provide services of application for registration, defence and attack in administrative proceedings, analysis of the same, protection, due diligence, judicial and arbitration actions, etc.  Digital Law. New Technologies. Internet. E-commerce and Social Networks. Information and Communication Technology Rights. New technologies, the digital era and Industry 4.0 have brought new ways of doing business, giving rise to new legal challenges to be resolved with both the usual and the new regulations.

Data Protection

Our lawyers specialised in Data Protection, knowledgeable of the obligations and requirements demanded by said regulation and national legislation, with extensive experience in everything related to said fundamental right, provide our clients, inter alia, with the following services: diagnostic services of the situation of companies and their new products, and analysis of compliance with regulations.