Administrative, Regulatory and Energy

The Public Law, Regulated Sectors and Energy department has professionals with proven experience and ability, who have provided services in the public sector - assisting public sector bodies, agencies and entities – as well as advising and defending leading companies in the energy, financial and construction sectors.

The department's practice includes, among other professional services:

• Legal assistance in the processing of administrative procedures (state liability, administrative sanctioning procedures, expropriations, subsidies and public aid).
• Defence in proceedings before the Spanish National Markets and Competition Commission (and equivalent regional bodies), the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Bank of Spain.
• Legal advice on the promotion, construction and transfer operations of electrical installations.
• Public sector procurement: Legal advice on the drafting of specifications and contractual documentation, competition in tendering procedures, establishment and application of regulatory compliance measures, special appeals in contractual matters, challenging resolutions of the contracting authorities and legal assistance during the enforcement phase (claiming amounts due from the contractor, enforcement of guarantees, imposition of penalties and termination of the contract).
• Special properties: Assistance in the regulation of waters, coasts, ports, mountains, hydrocarbons, mines and livestock routes.
• Environment and waste: Advice on regulatory compliance, assistance in procedures for the granting of administrative titles and appeals against sanctioning resolutions.
• Personnel matters: Providing legal assistance and defence to civil servants and personnel in the service of public administrations. Legal defence in contentious-administrative proceedings before the contentious-administrative courts.
• Defence in matters of fundamental rights: Filing of appeals for nullity of proceedings, lodging of appeals for legal protection before the Constitutional Court and drafting of applications before the European Court of Human Rights.