Fiscal and Taxation

Our Tax Department offers ongoing advisory services as well as advice on specific cases in tax matters to companies and individuals, with the aim of guaranteeing proper compliance with taxpayers' obligations, combined with the search for tax optimisation within the legal parameters.

We also assist international clients and advise them on foreign investment transactions in Spain, Portugal and Turkey, taking advantage of the Firm's consolidated presence in these countries. Our advice also extends to investment abroad, where we analyse Double Taxation Agreements.

We advise on all branches of tax law, divided into three main areas: corporate taxation, personal taxation and contentious-taxation. Specifically:

Corporate taxation: We advise on the day-to-day activities of companies and other corporate entities on those matters in which we can provide added value, as well as offering tax planning in restructuring operations (mergers, spin-offs, etc.). We provide advice on corporate income tax, and indirect taxes such as Value Added Tax or Property Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty.

Personal taxation: We assist individuals and families in a wide range of issues, including tax planning, wealth tax, inheritance and gift tax, personal taxation of family business members, and the expatriation of employees and executives, including assistance in the design of tax-efficient remuneration schemes.

Contentious-taxation: We advise on all types of procedures (inspection, management, collection, penalties, derivation of tax liability), appeals or litigations that taxpayers -both entities and individuals- may have with the Spanish Tax Authorities.